All FIU employees, officers and agents must:

1) comply with Florida’s Public Records Law,
2) comply with State retention schedules for University records, and
3) comply with laws and FIU procedures related to protecting the confidentiality of Confidential Records and Non-Public Records.

Unless specifically exempt from disclosure or confidential pursuant to law, all documents and other written communications,
regardless of form, that are made or received pursuant to law or that are made, received or maintained in the transaction of official
University business are Public Records. After appropriate legal review, the Public Records will be available for inspection by the
requestor, at reasonable times and under reasonable conditions, and the University will furnish copies of such Public Records to a
requestor upon payment of the appropriate charge for the cost of duplication and labor.

Employees may not destroy or delete University records in their possession and control except in accordance with the record retention
schedules applicable to FIU. The record retention period is based on the nature of the information included in the record and vary
from immediate destruction to permanent retention. Retention periods can be found in the retention schedules adopted by the State of
Florida (see Related Information below for links to these schedules).2

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2Florida International University.  Official University Policy: FIU Records.