Personal documents are NOT Public Records

Most of us tend to accumulate some personal records over a period of time in our workspace or office.

Personal documents are those records that are not used to conduct FIU business. These would include personal papers or materials brought to the office, from home or a previous employment for convenience and/or reference. Some examples of personal documents are non-published personal notes, correspondence (non-FIU emails, messages not related to business), journals, and any other materials relating to someone’s private or professional life outside of FIU.

Personal documents (electronic or paper) are considered as non-public records.

It is important to be intentional about keeping personal documents separate from business records.

Personal records should not be stored in FIU’s physical or digital space.

Consider performing a quick assessment of your records regularly to remove any personal documents from your workspace.




You don’t have to keep library fines and replacement records for more than 3 fiscal years. 

As of July 1, 2021, records relating to payments for fines and replaced library materials dated 2018 and older are eligible for disposition. 

Interlibrary loan (ILL) request forms are OSA, meaning they have no retention period. Physical or electronic forms used by the library to request the loan of books or materials from another library can be recycled or shredded once they are no longer needed.

To find out how long to keep your library records take a look at the Records Schedules for Public Libraries (GS15).

The disposition of FIU’s public records must be properly recorded. 

If you are ready for a disposition project, contact your Records Management Liaison Office.




The Records Management Compliance Training is online 24/7!

We ask everyone to support our efforts to maintain the University’s compliance with the Public Records Law through the work of well-trained personnel. Anyone who participates in the training will earn two (2) credit hours of Professional Development and a certificate of course completion. Administrators are encouraged to promote this training within their administrative units and thereby enhance the staff’s professional development.

Please click here https://develop.fiu.edu/browse/compliance/courses/records-management-com... to enroll in the Records Management Compliance Training.

For Records Management Inquiries: Rose Nicholson, Compliance Coordinator | RMLO Email: recordsmanagement@fiu.edu or 305-348-1377

For University Archival Records: Althea Vicki Silvera, University Archivist & Head of Special Collections Email: silverav@fiu.edu or 305-348-3136

For Public Records Requests: Lizvette Torres, Paralegal Email: lizvtorr@fiu.edu or 305-348-2103